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It’s rough out here in the blogosphere. I’ve only been blogging for a year and a half and there’s a weird amount of scrutiny for simply posting a few thoughts and pictures. That said, there’s a lot of love here too making the hate bearable. But the real reason I like to blog really is to vent. That may sound a bit selfish but really exploding my thoughts through writing has been so therapeutic since I started uni and it being 2018, why not do it online?

I know, I know, some may think I’m making my ‘diary’ public is a massive scheme for attention but really it’s nice to share myself to hear from other people. The other week ago, I got a message condoning my mental health blog and how they admired how I’d opened up. For that person, I am so glad I wrote it because I know they’ve also been through a lot and relating to even one person lifts a lot of weight from your mind – yes, you are not completely isolated in this craziness.

But I’m really writing this blog to celebrate all the other bloggers that have inspired me to even blog in the first place. Had I not started blogging I would’ve burned 3 diaries by now (lol I started and scrapped at least 5 growing up). But this shit is digital. So I can also delete it and have decided not to because a lot of thought goes into blogging and sharing the crumb fucks of my mind. Enough about me… Here’s to the lovely bloggers that got me out of my bed and to the keyboard in the first place!

1. Starr Clare

I’ve been following Starr Clare from day 1! Well since she had red hair and wicked style. She now has a mega mullet and still, of course, wicked style. But I really love how candid Starr is. I read Starr’s blog about anxiety and felt relieved. Someone this amazing has anxiety (like me woo!) and is still managing to keep it all together. Not to mention how far she’s come in the past few years. Basically a lovely manc gal to blogger/model/brand ambassador/mega-babe! So, thank you Starr for your blog, otherwise I wouldn’t have my own.

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 21.28.36

2. Lucy Jarvis

Although Lucy doesn’t blog anymore, she definitely encouraged me to start blogging. I found Lucy on Instagram one day, scrolled back how many years and naturally stumbled upon her blog leading me to read one after the other. Again, she was so candid in her blog, it was so refreshing to read so deeply into someone’s life. In some weird way, it made me more secure with myself because Lucy also opened up about l’anxiété, driving me to as well. She may not be blogging now, but Lucy does some incredible photography (in the link above) just as inspiring as her blog!

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 21.34.16.png
Photography by Lucy Jarvis

3. Womanshood

I only started reading Womanshood’s blogs recently but they were a massive eye-opener! Usually, I’m prone to the fashion blogs but Womanshood is entirely different and equally as intriguing. On their site, you can find so many pieces about mental health from different perspectives and surrounding different topics. This blog is the reason I wrote my mental health blog which was a huge step for me. Also, this blog is just a massive positive for mental health in general – detracting the stigma and stereotyping of mental illness. My personal favourite is –  https://womanshood.wordpress.com/2017/05/01/how-the-cute-but-psycho-trend-is-not-so-cute/ .

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 21.28.57.png

4. Bex Jade Fountain 

I’ve been following Bex since I was about 17! It never occurred to me she didn’t have a blog until I tried to find one and read it. Alas, Bex started blogging this year about all of her super trends and, of course, statement boots (which I need every single pair of) and finally, the fashion blogosphere was at peace. Bex is amazing because she has a beautifully quirky and chic style. Not forgetting her immaculate fringe I am in complete envy of!

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 21.27.50.png

5. What Josie Did Next 

Josie is one of the most amazing bloggers I’ve ever followed! I started following Josie years ago when she was bravely battling cystic fibrosis. Fast forward to today and Josie has had a lung transplant and is healthy! Honestly, reading her posts inspired me so much. She is an incredible person that has been through trials of health and still manages to be one of the most fashionable people. Her blog is definitely worth a read and her entire story is so admirable – beyond the blogosphere!

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 23.58.19.png

6. Megan Ellaby

THE ULTIMATE MEGA BABE! Megan is the most sincere and lovable blogger ever. Aside from blogging she also vlogs and I check her website daily to see what’s for grabs in the shopping section. Megan is the real reason I started to ‘fashion blog’ (despite my poor attempts, it’ll get better, I promise). Her absolutely confident and colourful outlook is so wholesome and makes me look in the dressing room mirror like I’m a star, rather than my usual frumpy and plain self. As a personality, Megan is THE fashion blogger and has inspired, I’m sure, more than me to start blogging about their passion.

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 21.32.00.png
My favourite outfit ever

This all may seem very insincere, of course, I do not actually know any of my inspirations personally. Nonetheless, they remain inspirations and as they blog and I do, there is a relationship between blogger and reader – good or bad. In the end, we’re all just blogging, so don’t judge us.


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