Panic! Attack at the Disco

Aloha bitches! Long time no blog, amirite? I've been putting off blogging for ages, actually I've been putting off most things for ages, because I've not felt like myself for AGES! I don't even know how long but long enough that I'm moving back home and away from London for the time being to focus... Continue Reading →


Did You Know I Work at Topshop?

Deary me, I am poooooped! On Monday I started working full time for Topshop - until Christmas at least. Going from a lazy toss-pot to a full time worker is a big change but really a little kick I needed if I'm going to move forward with anything. I spent summer lounging around - picture... Continue Reading →

A Summer in London pt. 2

Now I've had a little rant about my living situation this summer, I thought I ought to talk a little about what I've been doing . In March, I hit a personal hurdle and that really brought me down so I went home for a while just to be with the fambam. It's really hard... Continue Reading →

A Summer in London pt. 1

THE LIVING CRISIS So, I've spent my summer in London and what a whirlwind it's been! I've lived in London for nearly 2 years now but spending summer with absolutely nothing to do is an entirely different story to that of my usual student living. As it turned July I camped myself in probably one... Continue Reading →

BDD: An Essay On My Body


I’m going to sound SO old now but when I was young there was no such thing as BDD, the disorder and its abbreviation didn’t exist. In fact mental health wasn’t anything that I’d heard of. This makes me come across like a stereotypical racist nanna or a momma misunderstanding technology but maybe my childhood was sheltered or whatever. BDD wasn’t a ‘real illness’. Everyone looked at beautiful people in magazines and felt insecure. That was normal.
The environment I was exposed to as a child and young adult didn’t contain anything like the dialogue we see in the media today. When I was diagnosed with depression I was in my early twenties and knew very little about it. There was this big stigma around not being happy. Happiness was the be all and end all of life. Without it, what were you? A pariah that’s what. I didn’t fully comprehend the weightiness of my…

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My Guide to Festivals!

So, festival season is fully underway and I'm covering them like factor 50 sunscreen on my skin. I only have 3 festivals in my catalogue this year but working for radio means I have all the digs on ALL THE FESTIVALS! I went to my first festival when I was 17. T in the Park... Continue Reading →

The Bad Kind of Change

Change is a weird thing. A lot of people say they hate change, whereas others love it. I don't entirely know how I feel about change. Most of the time I act on impulse which results in a bloody massive change - essentially the reason I'm living in London. Then again there are smaller changes,... Continue Reading →


It's mental health awareness week, hurrah! That may read a little strange but honestly, this week is something we should celebrate whole-heartedly. I don't mean celebrate mental illness but rather destigmatize and appreciate that it can affect anyone - it's a nasty little devil. Truthfully, mental illness affects everyone. ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE! Whether this be first... Continue Reading →

Fashion Cat X Carnaby Style Weekender

This weekend Carnaby Street and British GQ hosted the Style Weekender. Essentially a fashion-packed weekend of workshops, Q&As with some stylish slices and, my favourite part, bespoke cocktails in the groovy tributary bars of Carnaby Street. I stumbled upon the Style Weekender when I was searching for fashion events in London - I mean what else... Continue Reading →

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