Fun fact – indie is short for independent not individual. I’m also a deplorable. In other news, I was thinking about how 2018 has been going and how different everything seems just 3 months into the year. Compared to this time last year I feel a lot more secure and independent. March 2017 saw Natasha crying at coursework deadlines that were inevitably extended and jetting … Continue reading (In)dependent

The Ups and Downs of Mental Illness

It’s weird because I’ve only been spiral-free for 3 months. 2018 is my bitch so far which is mentally liberating but I’m always in fear that the good old dark and twisties will come back to destroy any shred of confidence or self-worth. Writing this now is my means of confronting how I’m feeling right now. I’ve been doing so well for the past few … Continue reading The Ups and Downs of Mental Illness

My Love/Hate Relationship with Fashion

So, London Fashion Week has just come and gone and a week is certainly not long enough. Then again we have Paris. This is the first time in 3 years I’ve watched LFW catwalks and fully indulged in the social media side of LFW. I used to absolutely adore fashion week – watched all the live shows and found as cheap as possible replicas of … Continue reading My Love/Hate Relationship with Fashion

Falling In Love With Myself

Haven’t blogged in 2018 yet so here’s an introduction to my new year’s mindset – all about that self-love. No it’s not vanity, kind of. I just spent my first Valentine’s Day single in the past three years which is actually making me cringe. Bloody hell Natasha, mad about the boys, eh? It’s not like I actively seek out relationships or anything, I’m just a … Continue reading Falling In Love With Myself

BFFs ‘Til the End

This is going to be the cheesiest blog ever. Partly because I had a glass of wine with dinner, partly because it’s Christmas and I’m really feeling the love. Over the past year I’ve realised how bloody important my friends are. I’ve always loved my friends of course but when I really thought about everything that’s happened since last Christmas, my friends have been there … Continue reading BFFs ‘Til the End